This is a culture that I find very interesting, especially among those people who take tea or coffee as part of their meals, well practically which is almost everyone.

The way we treat addition of sugar to coffee is as if we get the same training when young.

A visitor can come into your home, sit comfortably in your living room and after a few interactions, and as hospitality demands, you would then walk into your kitchen and prepare a cup of coffee, come back and serve them. They will thank you, for a delicious cup of coffee they are having. They would not ask any questions. You know why? You would have added 3 teaspoons of sugar.

Do we really need 3 teaspoons of sugar in our coffee?

Well you see, our bodies are perfectly made, to coordinate different functions, from the time we eat. Ingestion, to the breaking down of food in the stomach – digestion, and then transportation of the nutrients throughout the body – utilization, until when the unwanted substances out of the body – detoxification. This is perfect system. But this can be faulted.

70-80% of our meals are carbohydrates and proteins. These two provide us with energy, which is needed to take us throughout the day. The heart, lungs, brain, all need energy. Being sedentary workers like you and I are, means we don’t spend much energy, unless you deliberately add a workout session in our schedule, which most of us don’t.

This means that, most points in our lives, there is an imbalance between the amount if energy that we take in with food as calories, and what we spend, accumulation of which poses a risk to our bodies as the body stores it as fat and sugar.

Again, do we need 3 teaspoons of sugar?

Cases of nutritional related diabetes and hypertension are on the rise. Surprisingly, a person doesn’t want honor their wellness goals until a doctor makes a diagnosis.

Lets us not burden our bodies by taking in things that we necessarily don’t need and fault the perfect system.

“Your body is the only vehicle that you have to carry you through this experience called life”Les Brown.

Let us start making right wellness choices and break this culture of 3 teaspoons of sugar

Cecellia Shammim Saidi Matthews

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  1. OB

    If you do not take care of your body now.It will not take care of you when you are old.

    1. Cecellia

      Thanks for visiting OB.

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